Hope for Styrofoam recycling

March 28th, 2011

Do you there are new technologies that can facilitate the recycling of styrofoam?

Thanks to industrial technology from Japan, Edmonton is now able to recycle its styrofoam more effectively. Using a machine known as the Electrothermal Densifier from Pana Chemical Co., Edmonton is able to compact waste styrofoam more effectively into compact and heavy bars known as planks, as such reducing its size to a fifth of its original volume and hence facilitating transportation of the waste styrofoam to recycling / processing facilities where they can be made into other recycled plastic products.

Read more about the developments of the Electrothermal Densifier.

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2 Responses to “Hope for Styrofoam recycling”

  1. Laina Says:

    I have been trying to educate the world for a year now on just how damaging Styrofoam is to our planet.

    Styrofoam, as you know, is a continuing problem in handling, storage and waste disposal. Up to this point, most facilities simply throw their waste Styrofoam into a dumpster or a compactor before shipping it to a landfill.

    Since Styrofoam is literally 98% air and 2% plastic, the expense of disposal of this material is expensive and a disaster for the environment.

    Styrofoam is very stable and does not degrade over thousands of years. Burning it is restricted in many places because of the poisonous gases it releases. Recycling is almost out of the question because of the cost of transporting it to any recycling center, even one that is close — at least until now.

    Fortunately, in recent times, there are is an increasing number of companies that is looking at addressing the problem of Styrofoam disposal.

    Quality Bilt Equipment is one of them. Recently, we have added what is sure to be an immediate hit with warehouse and distribution center managers.

    Our foam densifier is designed to reduce the volume of Styrofoam 90:1, thus making the storage and shipping of this recyclable affordable. The FD-25 is designed to handle the needs of most end-users. It shreds and then melts the large blocks of Styrofoam quickly and extrudes the output into a 3/4″ “rope” that quickly solidifies into a small “patty” which can be stored for later shipment. A roomful of Styrofoam can be reduced – in minutes – down to two or three 12 inch diameter X 4 inch high patties.

    But that is not all! Qualitybilt.com can also supply names of recyclers that will buy the recycled Styrofoam and pay for that product. Reducing the disposal costs down to $0 and then adding the income generated from this recycling program will make this a very attractive proposition for most centers!

    We expect sales of our densifier to expand rapidly as managers see the potential – especially in this economy where cost savings are a necessary consideration of any manager.

    This is a win/win/win situation for the warehouse facility, the distributor and not the least of which – the environment!

    I am very excited about this, and welcome any questions you may have. Contact us at sales@qualitybilt.com <sales@qualitybilt.com.

  2. joanna Tan Says:

    Am interested to recycle batteries and Styrofoam. Am actually thinking about asking schools and my working place. I am currently working in Singapore General Hosp. My son is in the sec school and he too is thinking of how to recycle batteries. And how the recycle company can go to the school to help dispose of the items. Thank you.


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