The Kyoto Protocol – Has it worked

June 13th, 2013

Taking data from the UN and PBL, the infographic below shows some of the progress made by the Kyoto Protocol in reducing CO2 emissions since its formation in 1997.

Overall, there have been more successes than failures and the sum of emissions from nations with Kyoto targets has fallen significantly (the first chart shows the top and bottom performing countries relative to their stated targets).

Sadly, outside of the treaty, emissions have continued to soar (China has accounted for roughly 60% of the global increase in CO2 emissions since the early 90s), and the recent withdrawal from Canada and Russia has cast the second phase of the treaty, (started in 2013), into doubt.

So while the Kyoto Protocol has been an extremely important first step in global climate diplomacy, it has not been effective in lowering greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere (its primary aim).

What we need is further, more robust commitments that take into account the distorting effects of imports and exports, commitments from the developing world to lower CO2 emissions per capita, and for the world’s only superpower, the United States, to standup and ratify the treaty that the Clinton administration authored more than a decade ago.

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The Kyoto Protocol - What Has It Achieved?


Source: This article and infographic was produced by Jamie Rose, an artist and green activist. His green energy blog is dedicated to providing tips and advice on sustainable living.

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