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5 Top-selling Green Cars

July 14th, 2011

By guest writer, Steve Colins (author of the a green car website, Crazy4cars.)

With today’s advances in technology and design, you no longer have to compromise on reduced performances and comfort when opting to buy a green car. Today, green cars are slowly becoming no different from regular cars. Today, I will share on 5 of the top selling green cars.

The Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95, is an extremely popular model that has been re-worked to produce an outstandingly low carbon emission of 94g/km, averaging an impressive 80.7 mpg.

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What if climate change is not real?

July 9th, 2011

In response to the question “what if climate change is not real”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, said

“If climate change doesn’t exist, the question I ask you is: how does cleaning up our environment and spurring economic development toward new ”green” industries harm us?

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Mushrooms Are Not Only Good For Food

July 2nd, 2011

You might be wondering why I am talking about mushrooms on this environmental website.

Many of us are aware of the usefulness of mushrooms. The toxic toadstools aside, some mushrooms make delicious food dishes (e.g portobella burger), while others are used as medicine (e.g. to deal with cancer). But what many of us are not aware of is how mushrooms are also good for the environment.

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