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Mushrooms Are Not Only Good For Food

July 2nd, 2011

You might be wondering why I am talking about mushrooms on this environmental website.

Many of us are aware of the usefulness of mushrooms. The toxic toadstools aside, some mushrooms make delicious food dishes (e.g portobella burger), while others are used as medicine (e.g. to deal with cancer). But what many of us are not aware of is how mushrooms are also good for the environment.

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Global Warming Controversy

February 1st, 2011

The global warming controversy — whether global warming is real and whether it is caused by humans — is very intriguing. There’s lots of emotions and opinions involved.

Given the nature of Truth in Life — Life is simply too large to be fully comprehended by Man, so understandably, Life’s Truth is beyond Man’s grasp — there is no way we will be able to know the Truth about global warming. All we might have, even with our technological advances and science today, is probably a glimpse at a piece of the puzzle of the Truth.

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Do my little actions matter?

January 20th, 2011

When i first started on my “going green” journey several years ago, I was fully convinced that if each one of us just did our little bit (just our own bit and nothing more) for our environment, the world would be a better, greener place. If everyone just recycled their unwanted items and consume only what is necessary and not waste, then it would solve today’s problem

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Introduction to “The 11th Hour” movie

January 18th, 2011

By some coincidence, my hubby and I were introduced to the movie, The 11th Hour, which is produced and narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, and discusses the future of our planet given the way people are treating it now. The movie is not exactly new, as it was released in 2007, but we only learnt about it recently.

The movie documentary left us with many feelings.

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