Global Warming Controversy

February 1st, 2011

The global warming controversy — whether global warming is real and whether it is caused by humans — is very intriguing. There’s lots of emotions and opinions involved.

Given the nature of Truth in Life — Life is simply too large to be fully comprehended by Man, so understandably, Life’s Truth is beyond Man’s grasp — there is no way we will be able to know the Truth about global warming. All we might have, even with our technological advances and science today, is probably a glimpse at a piece of the puzzle of the Truth.

In the face of such uncertainty, what then should our actions be guided by?

We need to find the answers within.

If everyone looks deep within their conscience, it is possibly not hard to see that the way we live life now is totally not sustainable.

Exploit (the earth) – Produce – Buy – Throw – Pollute

Exploit – Produce – Buy – Throw – Pollute

How is this linear relationship sustainable?

There is no closed cycle (mentioned by William McDonough, Architect from William McDonough & Partners) in our use of Earth’s resources; things go from “cradle to grave” instead of “cradle to cradle”. Logic alone tells us that this is not sustainable.

Even if what is said about Earth’s global warming, or that global warming is caused by humans, is not true, logically and ethically, we need to live more responsible lives.

Responsible to our only home, Earth. Responsible to our fellow living things — the animals, plants and other human beings on this planet. Responsible to ourselves.

Read more about what you can do to live a greener life.

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