Do my little actions matter?

January 20th, 2011

When i first started on my “going green” journey several years ago, I was fully convinced that if each one of us just did our little bit (just our own bit and nothing more) for our environment, the world would be a better, greener place. If everyone just recycled their unwanted items and consume only what is necessary and not waste, then it would solve today’s problem of our Earth’s pollution, degeneration and destruction.

And so, I conscientiously recycled as much of my unwanted things as possible. I thought twice, three times, four times before making a purchase. I brought my own water bottle around wherever I go. I made my colleagues packet my lunch using my reusable lunch box (that made some of them feel rather awkward, as it is not a norm as yet in Singapore). I put in whatever effort I could, even if it inconvenienced me at times, because I strongly believe that each of us must put in the effort. And I believe actions must start with myself.

Along the way, I am glad to have influenced a few others — my immediate family members have started the practice of sending their junk mail, empty plastic and glass bottles for recycling instead of the trash bin; my hubby and I started our paper-plastic-glass-metal recycling bin in our new home and bring our own shopping bags when we do the groceries.

However, over the years as I learn more about the rate at which the human population is destroying the Earth, and see people around me waste materials despite my persuasion, I begin to wonder whether the little daily efforts that I put in are of any use. I was reminded that for every plastic bottle that I tried to save, thousands more could be discarded into the trash bin that very moment, in my country alone.

Fortunately, before I got too demoralized, I got a chance to hear what Mathew Peterson, President & CEO of Global Green USA, had to say in The 11th Hour documentary-movie: “People need to realize they can do things in their everyday lives… This problem of global warming is huge and tremendous and it may seem inconsequential to take your personal action but it is important… Because everyone making a change adds up to something meaningful. Because shifting the way we act and live is part of the solution, long-term. Because if we act in that way, we will demonstrate to our leaders that we do care. That’s what we need from individuals…”

Yes, my individual effort — no matter how small — still matters!

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